Sloepennetwerk (Sloop Network) is the alternative for the widely known water almanac with which you can quickly plan an interesting route with your sloop. Our waterway network covers several regions in the Netherlands and is rapidly growing. New nodes are added regularly, so you can keep creating new routes to discover the various wonderful waters of the Netherlands. So keep checking the website for new routes.

On our new website and with the Sloepennetwerk app you can simply plot your route, taking the length and duration of your trip into account. In addition, clearance heights are mentioned and water depths are taken into account. This prevents delays or long waiting times at bridges that must be opened because they are too low.

To make your trip even more pleasant our routes have been provided with various restaurant facilities and accommodation. This means you can sail around without worry, enjoy yourself and make your trip as long as you wish.

Do you not own a sloop, canoe or other vessel yourself? Don’t worry. You can find rental companies on the nodes map, where you can rent a boat to venture onto the Dutch waters. From these locations you can easily plan your trip using the various nodes on the sailing chart. Each region has rental, catering, hotel or B&B locations. This way, you are not tied to your own province and are given the opportunity to explore other areas in the Netherlands as well.